James Harvey

Money is a fascinating subject as it touches every aspect of human existence. It is so vitally important and plays a huge part in our lives. Yet, we rarely talk about it in detail or in any personal context.

For each of us, our understanding of and relationship with money is different

The real secret to giving financial advice is to be clear about personal objectives. This only comes when time is spent in discussion and not leaping to financial solutions too quickly. This can be effectively done using life planning principles and becomes financial planning done properly.

When this is done well the results are startling

Clients experience a sense of freedom from financial worry. This doesn’t always mean they can have everything they have ever wanted but clear parameters are agreed so decisions become easier. This allows you to go from one year to another without worry.

The satisfaction in delivering this service is immense and I love every minute of it

I trained as a financial adviser in 1982 and initially worked for Hambro Life, which became Allied Dunbar and left as branch manager after 16 happy years. James Harvey Associates was launched in 1998 so that I could provide advice on an independent basis.

I am married to Diana and we have two children in their early twenties. My interests outside work lie in playing the piano. Rachmaninov, Gershwin and Debussy feature as my favoured composers. My other interest is sailing. I am co-owner of a 20-year-old Oyster Heritage 37. I prefer the longer passages and past trips include Norway, France, Spain and Ireland.


Registered Life Planner RLP

Certified Financial Planner CFP  http://www.financialplanning.org.uk/consumers/index.cfm

Accredited Financial Planning Firm