Financial planning

In most circumstances we will provide you with a financial plan. The very idea can sometimes conjure up the picture of a rather dusty tome, left untouched on the top shelf.

Our modern plans are easy to understand as we present them in a simple numerical and pictorial form

At some stage we need to obtain details of your existing policies and investments, details of any trusts in place and any other hard facts. Most of us hate forms, so with your authority, we will write to the companies involved to obtain the latest information. We will then create a lifetime plan. This will change with time but having a strategy based on appropriate assumptions is the bedrock of good financial planning.

We establish a spread of complimentary investments to achieve your financial goals

We look at what investment risk means to you. Through a detailed questionnaire and the application of some common sense we establish the right investment strategy for you.

Pension plans, ISAs, OEICs, discounted gift trusts and a million other types of investment are important but they are not particularly exciting and simply tools to achieve a particular result.

We ensure the plan is implemented in a timely and professional manner

We use the best technology available to our profession to model scenarios and track investments. This is how we can keep adding value and keep you on track to meet your objectives.

In the same way a single trip to the gym does not achieve a lifetime of fitness, financial plans need regular visits and reviews to get them to deliver

One thing is certain in life: change. An ongoing, long-term relationship is the cornerstone to ensure things stay on track and that you achieve success. Our ongoing review process allows for a detailed review at least once a year with interim reviews conducted as needed. If you see something that attracts your attention, we are happy to provide you with a second opinion.