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It is the time of year that investment fund managers review the last twelve months usually with explanations on why the predictions were not quite as accurate as expected and then move onto the predictions for the coming year. As always there was a wide variety of opinions at the beginning of 2015 many of […]

Listening, parking our own views and judgements, asking open and supportive questions, is the best way to help clients make decisions Listening is something we do all the time. It is an important part of human relationships, and whether we are being listened to or not has a big influence on how we feel and […]

That’s all the job satisfaction I need We don’t often talk about job satisfaction within the world of giving financial advice, and I think this is a shame, as for me this is the main driver. If I was to describe a typical client, and of course there is no such thing, it would be […]

I have noted over the last two years a significant increase in clients of major private banking firms wanting to leave out of sheer desperation. It is not to do with investment returns; it is all to do with service. These are the wealthier bank customers with capital being managed on a discretionary basis, but […]

Preparing for our annual meeting, helping me give more thoughtful advice Prior to our annual meeting, I like to get an update from you of your situation, and I like to get this early! To provide the best advice, I prepare for our meeting a week or so in advance. I run the numbers, consider […]

Pleasing to the eye and fun to collect, but are they good investments? Perhaps it is wise to take a good look at your objectives first: financial return or pleasure of ownership Jon Hunt, the founder of Foxton’s, is reported to have bought a Ferrari GTO 250 for £15.7 million and to have sold it […]

Unless you have been travelling the Silk Road or sailing across the Atlantic, you will no doubt have been following the referendum debate and narrowing polls in Scotland with interest. Wherever your sympathies lie, it would not be unreasonable to have some concern about what this means for your portfolio. As you are no doubt […]

Navigating the path of economic recovery Happy days are here again? Clients and friends of James Harvey gathered recently to hear a talk by Peter Westaway, Chief Economist at Vanguard at the Churchill War Museum in Whitehall. Peter’s message was clear. Although there seems a tangible sense that the economic outlook is improving, no end […]

“The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly is an inspirational read and possible to complete in one sitting. While it’s essentially about the workplace and a company stuck in a rut, whilst trying to fathom out how to cope with high volumes of staff turnover, it also does a great job of showing how it’s possible […]

Markets will be markets The investment market has the ability to thrill and terrify investors in about equal measure. The concerns over Europe and the lack of visible recovery in the UK is amplified through the media and does nothing to steady nerves. However, it is this very uncertainty that ultimately rewards investors. In essence, […]

We again find ourselves in a financial turmoil. In some respect the falls on the investment market over the last week come as no surprise. The Euro faces problems with the massive debt held by Greece, Ireland and Portugal and the US only just prevented defaulting on their own debt. Growth in the UK is […]

This is probably the most important question of all. I didn’t realise how important until I was invited to meet an already well-established City lawyer in some very smart offices. I felt slightly in awe. Here was a clear expert in his field, surrounded by the trappings of success and his profession, explaining all his […]

As our costs of living rise and we are surrounded by news of our country and other countries in debt, I thought it was worth revisiting our approach to investing and how important it is to sit tight and not try to overreact as we learn about financial crises. We, at James Harvey Associates, follow […]

I am often asked about the nature of the relationship between Client and Financial Planner. It seems that many are not familiar with the role. We all have a doctor and probably have had since we were born We’ve grown into the relationship, often supported by our parents. Intuitively, we know how this works. Rather […]

Annual Allowance: the maximum that can be contributed to all pension schemes from any source in any one tax year The Annual Allowance has been set at £50,000 or 100% of your earned income, whichever is the lower. You can now carry forward any unused annual allowance for up to three tax years. This concession […]

There is a lot of chat in the Independent Financial Adviser and Wealth Management World at the moment about ACHIEVING A WORK LIFE BALANCE. It’s made me stop and ponder what it actually means. I think it’s nothing to do with work it’s a little bit about balance but much more about LIFE  If you […]

It’s awesome. Rather than experience a rather heavy weight in your chest at the thought of it, you really ought to try it. That dread will soon disappear and a lighter, more in control feeling will take its place. It is about figures. How much you earn, own, spend, save, and need to save, invest. […]

Over the last few years I have encouraged clients to come into the office for meetings.  I was nervous at first having previously met at their office or home, but the results have been interesting.  Instead of people being resistant they have been keen.  They want to meet the staff and see the office all […]

I sometimes come across a little resistance to the planning idea. There is a thought that by planning expectations in life and ensuring the finances are all in place, takes out all the spontaneity and excitement from life and everything becomes so predictable. This is an understandable feeling but pure observation shows it not to […]